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Each week, this newsletter reports on and analyzes the goings on in Colorado’s media scene, connecting local developments to what’s happening nationally and exploring what makes the state’s local news ecosystem unique. It pokes and prods and uplifts, and seeks to spark debate and a better understanding about the practice of local journalism.

Colorado is a compelling place to do so. Plenty of the challenges facing the local news industry nationwide are exacerbated here, and many of the potential solutions are taking root in Colorado as well. Colorado is “a test tube, and people keep shaking it,” the state’s former governor, John Hickenlooper, once said. And that’s certainly true about its media world.

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Who am I?

I’m Corey Hutchins, the interim director of Colorado College’s Journalism Institute, the Colorado-based contributor for Columbia Journalism Review’s United States Project, a member of The Washington Post’s Talent Network, and a journalist for multiple news outlets. The Colorado Media Project, where I write case studies, is underwriting this newsletter, and my “Inside the News” column appears at COLab, both of which I sometimes write about here. (If you, too, would like to underwrite this newsletter, hit me up.) Follow me on Twitter, reply or subscribe to this weekly newsletter here, or e-mail me at CoreyHutchins [at] gmail [dot] com.

How do I decide what to write about each week?

I’m interested in the business models for local news and how they’re changing, news innovations, accountability reporting, different ways local news outlets interact with their audiences, personnel changes, ownership issues, government influence in news gathering, the life-work balance of reporters, media literacy, journalism ethics, how newsrooms make decisions, press freedom, the First Amendment, news values, industry trends, and more.

I’m also always interested in the different ways citizens get their news these days, whether it’s from an unfiltered YouTube livestream during the latest mass shooting or from your Ring security system.

There are enough Colorado news aggregators and newsletters linking to individual stories from our various outlets, so I’ve developed a beat out of the news behind the news each week. 

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